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Every year we are provided with numerous recommendations from our satisfied clients. In appreciation of their effort for those recommendations, we have decided to provide CASH REWARD OF $40 for each successfully recommended new client. A reward will be increased with number of successful recommendations.

For 3 successful recommendations we will reward $150 and for 5 $300!

Once again THANK YOU!

To participate just fill up the info below and click on SEND button :

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The following conditions apply:

  • You may send as many recommendation as you wish in separated batches (do not need to be send at once)
  • Computerized analytic software will compare our new client database and provide number of recommendations per specific email - specific value or reward will follow.
  • Tabulation will be performed¬†after August
  • Successful recommendation means that such person was never our client before and became our client in current year. Automatic check is performed by software against our database
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